Bookish Beverage


Today’s blogger host for the Biannual Bibliothon is Will Read for BoozeYou can also find them on Instagram @willreadforbooze


Their prompt: Create a bookish beverage (alcoholic or non) based on a book or a character.

I’m going to go with Morrigan from one of my favorite books, A Court of Mist and Fury!

Morrigan is a member of the Night Court. She has blonde hair and tanned skin and smells of cinnamon and citrus. (which I why I picked her honestly, because it gave me a starting point… no shame here XD)


6oz Ice

4oz. Orange Juice – A blast of delicious citrus to start it off with.

1Tbsp Honey – to represent her blonde hair and tanned skin.

1oz. Gin – because Morrigan gave up her virginity to get herself out of an arranged marriage, it only seems right that this drink give up it’s virginity as well.

1 cinnamon stick – because she smells of cinnamon. Yum! (And it looks nice.)


Mix Orange Juice, Honey, and Gin in a blender. Add ice and pulse until you get the consistency you like. Pour into glasses and stir with a cinnamon stick. Leave the stick resting in the glass as garnish!

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