Halloween Carnival Vol 4

The Mannequin Challenge – Kealan Patrick Burke – This is story of a sad man who goes to his offices Halloween party, where he walks in to find everyone frozen in place. No matter what he does to them, they don’t move, even when he pricks them with skewers and takes off their clothes… To be honest, I hated this story. It was sad and also disturbing, and completely pointless. 0 stars.

Across the Tracks – Ray Garton – This is a classic Halloween short story, following a few kids as they Trick or Treat. But when they crash a party at their teachers house, things get weird. The first half of this story isn’t bad, but there some surprisingly graphic bullying scenes (disgusting scenes.) And I’m not really sure why it ended the way it did. What exactly happened there? I couldn’t tell you. 1 star.

The Halloween Tree – Bev Vincent – Again, a classic Halloween story. Luke and his buddies are trick-or-treating for the first time on there own, but they’re all afraid of a scary looking tree on the corner. They spend all night avoiding it, until a dog chases them and they end up in the clutches of the tree…literally. I feel like this particular story would have scared the pants off of me when I was 5, but as it stands it was just kind of boring. 2 stars.

Pumpkin Eater – C. A. Suleiman – Peter loves Halloween, but his wife does not. According to Peter, his wife doesn’t love much of anything, and after he finds out that she’s been having an affair, he makes plans to kill her on Halloween. Things don’t go as planned however, when she discovers his plan. 3 stars.

When the Leaves Fall – Paul Melniczek – Even after being warned to stay away from  Graver’s Farm, two small town boys can’t help but to see for themselves. They sneak down to the farm one Halloween and find most of the town residents, who are suppose to be working overtime at the local factory, all working together, like zombies in a large building on the farm. I don’t know if we actually learned what they were doing in this building or not. This story was so long and drawn out I was bored. It wasn’t really scary either. 2 stars.

Overall I have to give this volume 2 stars. While all of the stories were Halloween related, it wasn’t really that scary. I want to be scared. I want a short story anthology that will scare the pants off me, and so far, none of these have. I only have slight hopes for volume 5.

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